Les Bradley Productions
Video, Audio, Multimedia


Some of my commercials for Comcast Cable

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What We Offer

Editing and Production
Video and Audio Editing
Final Cut Pro Video
DVD Creation
Audio Editing
Motion, Animation, Key-Frame Editing
Camera and Audio Work
Studio Work

On-Line and Mobile/Handheld Media
Preparation for YouTube, MySpace, PDAs, iPhone, etc.

Graphics and Presentations
Still Images, Adobe Photoshop
PowerPoint Presentations
Webpages, Interactive Titles, Kiosk Content
Training and Consulting
Designing and Teaching Classes and Workshops
Developing Training Materials
Developing Self-Teaching Titles
Training Your Instructors

Video Resumes/DVDs for Actors
Editing of your video and pictures into a simple movie or DVD with chapters
Ready to deliver or email to your agency
Reasonable rates for actors and models